Jenelle Knowles, RMT, CR

Jenelle is a registered massage therapist with 24 years experience and is the owner of Knowles & Associates Massage Therapy Clinic. She is also a certified reflexologist, and Hot Stone provider. Jenelle has a treatment-based practice and excels in rehabilitative massage therapy for various overuse injuries and conditions. After many years of experience, she has honed her skills to specialize in treating musculoskeletal symptoms and pain caused by auto-immune disorders, chronic pain conditions and breast cancer rehabilitation through oncological treatments and post-lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries.

Cory McColl, RMT

Cory graduated with honours in the Massage Therapy program at Oxford College and also completed a personal training course at Mohawk College. He has extensive knowledge of injuries associated with sports activity and the musculoskeletal system.

He is thorough with assessments and is dedicated to treating root causes of injuries, problems, and concerns. Cory is committed to providing individualized treatments to ensure your needs are met because client care is his number one focus.

Over the years, Cory has been an active participant in many sporting events such as football, rugby, and track & field. Community outreaches have included marathons, soccer, and volleyball tournaments. Through participation and education he has gained a practical knowledge of the types of movements required by multiple sports and is able to understand challenges of experiencing injuries.

Carmen Taylor, RMT

Carmen has retired from massage therapy effective January 2023. All of her client files remain at Knowles Massage Therapy and our other team members will take great care of them.

While we miss her daily, we wish her all the best in her next career/adventure!

Marcie Nigh, RMT

Marcie has been involved in helping people manage their physical well-being for over 10 years, she began as a personal trainer, bootcamp/fitness instructor, and yoga teacher. Her focus was on clients with adaptive training needs, neurological disorders, and older adults.  Since becoming an RMT, Marcie has built on that foundation allowing for seamless incorporation of movement and exercise into her clinical practice. Her approach to manual therapy is non-invasive, goal focused, and has been influenced by Dermoneuromodulation (DNM), and myofascial release (MFR).  Marcie’s most recent continuing education courses have focused on chronic pain management, nervous system physiology, headaches and TMJ dysfunction. Marcie transitioned into massage therapy 4 years ago, graduating from Fanshawe College on the President’s Honour Roll, and is currently a member in good standing with the CMTO. In her spare time, she enjoys martial arts, weight training, hiking, and being an active member of the Rotary Club.